PolyUrethane Baseboards and crown molding

Here in United States, if you go to any big box store or the large commercial building supplies, Baseboards and crown molding are usually made of wooden or vinyl.

Base boards cover the lowest part of the interior wall. Helps cover the joint between the wall and floor. Also provides a decorative aspect by hiding the unsightly joints between the wall and floor. Protection of wall from furniture, abrasion and kicks Usually available in white but may have few colors. Wooden baseboards can be treated or untreated piece. Vinyl baseboards are glued to the wall with an adhesive. But can be difficult to remove or replace.

Crown moldings on the other hand cover the joint between the wall and the ceiling. It also provides a decorative aspect to the house and increase the aesthetic value of the house.

Both wooden and vinyl trims are very expensive and for a typical 3000 sq ft home can run anywhere from $15000 to $20000 depending on the design, where you buy etc

Polynx is proud to introduce an alternative to wood and vinyl, our new Polyurethane based moldings and trims. There are several designs available with various options for the entire home. We are positive once you see our samples you will love the unique design and various options that are available at an affordable price. It give the look and feel of wood, at a fraction of the cost. Not only that it cuts installation time as it is easy to install. Very easy to cut with a knife and have inbuilt electrical outlets within the baseboard as an example.

Here is a testimony from of our customers

Moldings come in a variety of designs to choose from and I am very impressed with the way they enhanced the architectural design of the house. Again this is durable and easy to install. Cleaning is easy with a clean towel or paper.

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