How we built our Dream home

Building our dream home took us more than 4 years in conceptualizing, planning and executing our ideas. We not only wanted to move away from the traditional stick frame western construction to more energy efficient and long lasting solid wall construction. We wanted reliable and reputed folks to work on our project but did not know how we could do it as individual homeowners when not many contractors were willing to learn energy efficient alternate techniques and help us. The idea of building a dream home which includes all our needs and ideas seemed an impossible task even with hiring a big builder.

Our quest for eco friendly, energy efficient sustainable/ long lasting homes took us down a path that now looking back paid off really well. Having lived in this house for two years now, we can proudly say every decision we made with materials and energy efficiency build techniques have proven its worth in gold. As an icing to the cake, our house was nominated as one of the best built energy efficient homes in the United states for an international contest of Integrated Concrete Form (ICF) homes in 2020 and bagged the second place Home builder’s award under the exceptionally large home category. This is definitely a feather in our cap, a recognition of the efforts we put in and validation of our passion.

The journey to build our own home was by no means easy. We had to jump the hurdles of getting the bank to agree to finance, we had to get the county to approve to be our own General Contractor and the Homeowners association to agree to be our own builder. Looking back those were the easier ones to tackle, the hard part was not finding many suppliers here in the US for some of the material we were looking to use, and the ones we did find were exorbitant and cost prohibitive. So we spent countless hours researching various materials and suppliers outside of the United States, procurement costs, energy efficient building techniques, supply chain management, how to source materials from foreign countries etc. We had to understand ocean shipping, Customs duties and taxation, transportation and ensuring the products arrived on time for scheduled jobs, product specification to meet building codes etc. All this research has helped us create an exhaustive list that will help future home builders and homeowners, who now can take advantage of this research by buying products here in POLYNX®. You as our valued customer can be rest assured that the products you find on POLYNX® are fully tested/proven by us, are of great durability, high quality and budget friendly. We have a very high bar to verify our suppliers and have built relations with them for a long time, have used the products ourselves and tested before introducing here to you.

Check out more about our home featured in @ICF Mag and how we bagged the prestigious International Builder’s award for our home in 2021!!

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