What is Sand Blasted Metal Roofs?

Roofing is one of the most important aspects of construction in a home. The material you choose plays a very important role in protecting your home for years to come and has a bearing on your monthly heating and cooling bills.

Fiberglass based asphalt shingles are very common in US and have been used since a long time. Though they are expected to last for 20-60 years the shingles begin to deteriorate when the hot sun moistens the oils, and the rain washes them away leading to erosion and shrinking leading to rot. Other types of roofing material include slate roof tiles, concrete, stone shingles, metal shingles, cedar shingles.

Cost and durability along with design and aesthetics is very important when looking for alternatives to traditional asphalt shingles.

Metal roofs are far more durable and long lasting up to 40-80 years with consistent performance. It will not crack, warp of break. Though typically metal roofs may seem expensive, they increase the intrinsic value of the home and reduces utility bills when installed correctly. The little extra you spend initially will be easily recouped as it reduces replacement cost in the long run. Metal roof shingles acts as good reflector of solar radiant heat preventing heat gain/penetration into the home. A good installation will shed snow and ice and prevent moisture buildup which is very helpful in places that experience a lot of snow. Metal roof shingles also provide a superior energy efficiency when installed with battens and reinforced with foam underlayment.

One such product is the sand blasted metal shingle. It gets its name from the process these shingles are made. Each metal section is heated, pressed to the desired design (as a slate, shingle, roman tiles etc). When still hot, glue is applied to ensure stronger adhesive capability and blasted with sand, coated with an acrylic film, and then heat dried.

The roof panels have an interlocking design that makes it resistant to heavy rain, snow and can sustain winds up to 120mph

It is fire resistant.

POLYNX® has several distinct styles and color selections that provide architectural elegance your house can get when you choose Metal roof shingles as alternative to asphalt shingles. Some quick benefits/facts of using POLYNX® Metal roof shingles:

  • Installed weight per sq foot is much lower compared to asphalt shingles.
  • Compared to regular metal roofs where noise can be a factor, with POLYNX® metal roof shingles we advise using foam underlayment that not just acts as noise barrier but also acts as condensation and vapor barrier.
  • Typical costs* including material and installation can be on an average $2000 to $2500 per 1000 Sq.ft of roof area.

*Cost is just an approximate and can vary based on geographical location, labor market and metal pricing at the time of purchase.

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