Reason to choose PU Panels

There are several options to choose from when it comes to exterior of your house. Traditional vinyl covering is the cheapest and is a common option that many builders choose because it is easy to install and cheaper for them. However, as a homeowner that can be architecturally unappealing.  Though it is cheaper to purchase and install initially, in the long run it comes with costs for cleaning and maintenance after a few years.

What if there is another alternative to Vinyl siding that is architecturally more appealing, uplifts the value of your house without spending a fortune? When we built our dream house, for us having a complete stone exterior meant added expenses in our budget. Researching other alternative options, we came across this material called PolyUrethane panels or Faux Stone Panels. Some also refer to them as Decorative Wall Panels.  The concept intrigued us, and we came to know it is basically made of polymer that comes as a rigid and flexible panel. PolyUrethane / Faux Stone panels, also called as PU panels have low thermal conductivity meaning they provide excellent thermal insulation properties and not just a stone finish to your house. It’s flame retardant with thermal insulation property keeps the building absorbing heat. Not only that it is very easy to install and has 5 times more durability than Vinyl sidings. PU panels are also low maintenance. They can be pressure washed and with its moisture resistant properties it is hard to have mold/algae grow on it, hence low maintenance.  PU Panels are also environmentally friendly as they are made of recycled materials.

Using these PolyUrethane panels has changed the look of our exterior veneer.  It blended in perfectly with the natural stone exterior we already had, and you can’t see the difference between natural stone and the PU panels.

We are bringing the same product to you here at POLYNX® at an affordable price point. Some quick facts/advantages of PU Panels or Faux Stone panels from POLYNX®:

  • Instant upgrade to a stone finished look
  • Easy installation many small projects can be done in hours with our DIY videos
  • Resists weather, fading and deterioration
  • Available in a variety of attractive colors
  • Made from tough, lightweight polyurethane
  • Low Maintenance. Won’t crack, fade or peel

Hope you like the colors and patterns we offer. Please comment and let us know your thoughts. We welcome thoughts and questions from our valued customers.

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